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Mahonia agents are dedicated to giving back. While we help you invest in your future, we invest in our community. Mahonia agents are leading the industry by donating up to 10% of their earnings to charity. Call us today to learn more.

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Seth Prickett

Suzannah Hoile

Suzannah Hoile

Seth is a real estate broker specializing in residential listings and transactions. His primary market focus includes the Portland Metro area. Seth has over 10 years of experience in buying, selling, renting and renovating properties. His eye for value and his calm demeanor make him invaluable during a real estate transaction. Whether you are buying your first home, selling a property or expanding your real estate portfolio, Seth will make sure you are taken care of and get the deal you deserve.   


Suzannah Hoile

Suzannah Hoile

Suzannah Hoile


Suzannah Hoile is a Portland based Real Estate  Broker. She helps clients buy or sell residential and commercial properties. She spends the time it takes to really understand and hone in on clients needs and desires. Her hard working nature, effective negotiation skills, and effervescence shine through each of her transactions. She is passionate about the goals of her clients and tenaciously advocates in their best interest. 

Suzannah has been active in the Portland community for over 20 years and has a deep love for the city. You can find Suzannah with family and friends, exploring the city with her clients, painting, gardening, biking around town, hiking, or at her local community yoga studio.


Joel Fischer

Suzannah Hoile

Joel Fischer

Before earning my real estate license, I began investing in properties which helped me realize my passion. I enjoy helping clients make smart investments, to find their perfect starter or dream homes, and bring a wealth of real world experience in educating people on how to leverage their properties into much more. Prior to real estate, I spent a decade working in politics in education and environmental policy. Raised in Oregon, I love everything this state has to offer, but have also lived abroad in Taiwan where I learned to speak Chinese.


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Nervous about your property adventure? Don’t be. Whether you're getting ready to buy or sell, in the middle of it, or just looking for some answers, our top-notch skills ensure you get the best experience possible. It’s what we love to do.


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Large or small, condo or mansion, we can find it and get it for you at the price that's right. TICs? Fixer-uppers? Luxury? We can help with all of it. We always have a current list of available properties for you to check out.


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If you have questions about affordability, credit, legal matters, or income, trust us to find you what you need fast. We make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way.  

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